december 30, 2013

Work begin to make all digital

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We have now begun to make all our backcatalouge in digital format. We will soon post where you can find all our releases in the past.

juli 12, 2013

Dead frog records will move

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We will change office in august to the town of Trosa in Sweden.

april 20, 2013

Sara Rumar is releasing a single in Swedish

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Yes Sara is releasing a single called ”Vi rinner ned” 7 of may. Lyrics in Swedish and a lovley song.

januari 12, 2013

Sara Rumar is releasing her new album ”We are the quiet revolution”

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22 of January 2013 is the releasedate of the new album. You can sample it already here on amazon

and a new video is done to the singel Modern heart

Add-more söker nya artister

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Ett management vi jobbar med söker nya artister

oktober 15, 2012

Going through demo pile

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Yes we are back in the demo pile again.

juni 21, 2012

Lyssnar på demos

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Vi lyssnar just nu på demos med Add more. Kommer återkomma till alla via mail.

juni 16, 2012

Dead frog records release their backcatalouge

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Finally we got the time to fix the old backcatalouge. Many people has asked us about records that have been really hard to get and was sold out. And we have said for a long time that we will release all the old stuff onto Itunes and Spotify and all other digital outlets.
Yesterday we found one of the missing boxes of records that has been lost for awhile and during the weekend we have uploaded some of the records that we found. Like:
Spiral Motion, Psycho Sonic Cindy, Mary Celeste, Ness, The Sonnets, Kordon, The April Tears, Parker, In Deed many also with songs that just went out as promos.

We will open all 24 of June witch is Peter who foundend Dead frog records birthday.

maj 7, 2012

Update on The Mommyheads tour

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We have just released that The Mommyheads will play in Malmö 24 of May on Rex. Here is the full list of tourdates.

May 19th Hemma Hos Kaj Stockholm SWE
May 23rd Studenthouse OSLO
May 24rd REX Malmo SWE
May 25th Ztyle Jonkoping SWE
May 26th Sticky Fingers G-borg SWE
May 27th White Trash Berlin GER
May 28th Meneer Frits Eindhoven HOL
May 29th Stereo Wonderland Koln GER
May 30th Tgildhuis Rupelmonde BEL
May 31st Kulturhuset Islands Brygge Copenhagen DEN
June 1st Kafe Deluxe Växjö SWE
June 2nd Mosebacke at Sodra Teatern Stockholm SWE

april 10, 2012

New tourdates The Mommyheads – Vulnerable boy tour

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may 19th….Hemma Hos Kaj, Stokholm with Edmonton Aylers
may 22nd….Clinics with Adam Elk in Stockholm (only invited)
may 23rd….Oslo Studenthouse
may 25th….Jönkoping….ztyle club
may 26th….Göteborg…sticky fingers with Little Green
may 27th….Berlin, germany….white trash
may 28th….Eindhoven, holland ….maneer fritz
may 29th….Cologne, germany….stereo wonderland
may 30th….Rupelmonde, Belgium… tildenhaus
may 31st…Copenhagen, denmark….culturehouse
june 1…….Växjo….kafe deluxe
june 2…..Stockholm …..Södra teatern with You say france & I whistle and The Lou Lou sisters

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